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The Kahuna Detox rejuvenation process is truly powerful. It creates a platform of well being from which a new zest and vigor helps you transform your life.
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The magic of this detox is its


After the 7-day course led by Anthony O’Rafferty and in the presence of international acclaimed Desmond O’Rafferty, you will be transformed and emerge detoxified physically and emotionally.

The detox is by no means for the faint-hearted, yet we have seen ailing and timid participants go through the process, acquire insight, then appear at the other side upright and life-determined.

Your eyes will be brighter, your breath deeper and your spirit lighter

The effects resonate through you and out into your life to allow you to have fun in your relationship with yourself, and in turn reflect that into your daily life to energise your relationships and enjoy your pursuits.

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What people have said

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“I attended Desmond’s colon cleansing course in Goa, India in February 2003. I am a single mother and I brought my six year old son to the group. The process, combined with the yoga and breath exercises, was one of the most rewarding healing groups I ever attended. I expected to clean my colon and get more healthy on the physical level (which certainly happened). To my surprise, I experienced a deep transformation in a much more profound way.“
Goa, India
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" Thank you for such a wonderful experience. The fast has given me time to reflect and to create a distance / space for observing my feelings. I have heard many wisdoms on the course which I will take away with me and reflect on. It is a great feeling to offload my toxins and to go forth invigorated, with a strengthening of respect for my body, what I put into it in the way of food, breath and experience. This course has helped me to move to an openess that I will pray to retain, particularly using the breathing.
Amanda S
London, UK
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” Thank you so much for a brilliant colon cleanse detox session in London. The early morning wake up calls (your singing) were a joy… The days flowed with interesting insights, restful moments and strong awakenings… It was important to embrace the inner workings of the cleanse at subconscious level, because I truly feel something inside of me has shifted. I feel stronger, lighter, cleaner, more myself than ever before. Enjoy your time with your family. A ‘realised’ and happy ‘customer’. ”
Betty S
London, UK

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The Kahuna Tradition

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