Kahuna Detox - Cleanse For Life
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The essence of purification

The Kahuna detox


After the 7-day course led by Anthony O’Rafferty and in the presence of international acclaimed Desmond O’Rafferty, you will be transformed and emerge detoxified physically and emotionally.

The detox is by no means for the faint-hearted, yet we have seen ailing and timid participants go through the process, acquire insight, then appear at the other side upright and life-determined.

Your eyes will be brighter, your breath deeper and your spirit lighter.

The effects resonate through you and out into your life to allow you to have fun in your relationship with yourself, and in turn reflect that into your daily life to energise your relationships and enjoy your pursuits.

You will leave armed with sound advice and knowledge for maintaining a healthy life and a strong constitution.

We have seen this truly magical transformation many times and have made it our life’s work to share it.

The programme

During this seven-day detox program you will learn skills for life and learn to let go of the everyday things that don’t serve your mind or body.

In particular we will be examining in the following things – 

the results