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The Kahuna Tradition


Hawaiian Kahuna is a gentle, traditional form of colon cleanse. It was practiced by the women of the Kahuna, the respected elders of the society who healed the community. This form of purification is unique in Europe, a seven day process of purification and regeneration.

The main part of the Kahuna colon cleanse is a powdery mixture of hérbs, which are mixed with water and some fruit juice, and swallowed. The mixture swells and thoroughly fills the intestine, where during the next 24 hours it binds all concretions that have collected in the intestine over decades. 

The next morning this entire mass is excreted in one piece. What one can see is an exact “plaster cast” of the intestine, an amazing model of the internal workings of the body. Keep in mind that these are not normal excretions but hard, encrusted concretions of the colon that have collected over decades. These affected its function more and more with time and are full of harmful toxins. 

This process is repeated over several days until the intestine is entirely cleaned, layer by layer. Although no food is eaten during this time the body doesn’t feel hungry because the herbal mass fills the stomach without feeling stuffed. One can relax and watch the intestine lose scoriae and concretions every day without suffering the side effects from the usual cleansing or fasting cures. 

This form of colon cleanse is extremely mild for the body. Harsh and aggressive measures could do additional harm to an already weakened intestine, so it is very important to choose the mildest possible method. 

Even though it is mild, it is important to undergo the treatment with professional guidance and coaching.  Colon cleanse is a process of physical detoxification and regeneration that allows us to deal with our emotions. Body and soul are connected.

During the cleanse, participants will recollect and suddenly experience feelings that have been long buried. One of the many meanings of “Kahuna” is “secret” or “hidden”. During the course not only physical secrets, also spiritual secrets will be uncovered.

The choice to do a colon cleanse is always a chance for participants to rethink their path of life, and to possibly readjust. There are opportunities to amplify the purification process with shared yoga and meditation sessions, short walks, conversations, singing and dancing.

Each participant can decide how deep to go into these experiences. These emotional supportive exercises can be seen as an optional extra. 

The colon cleanse course starts out with the defecation of the intestine according to the classical method from India. One drinks warm saltwater followed by clear water to clean out the last traces of food from the intestine. At this point the traditional form of colon cleanse ends. That is where the Hawaiian Kahuna begins. 

The process is completely painless and simple, without unpleasant enemas or clysters. All the residual toxins are removed from the body.

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The Kahuna Tradition

Hawaiian Kahuna is a gentle, traditional form of colon cleanse. It was practiced by the women of the Kahuna, the respected elders of the society

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