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Three hours from Oslo, this beautiful Norwegian retreat is situated in the wild mountains of the Panoramavegen region. Over 900 meters above sea level, the hotel is surrounded by pristine lakes, flowing meadows and waterfalls.



The roots of Nøsen Yoga and Fjellhotell go all the way back to 1888 when it was initially a mountain farm but was later adapted into a mountain lodge.

Alexander Medin took it onin 2015 and proceeded to develop it hugely. It now has 35 beautiful rooms and the magnificent surroundings offer a rich variety of experiences for all ages.

It is the perfect place to relax, connect with nature and just be yourself.

Nøsen is located at over 900 meters above sea level on beautiful Panoramavegen, between Fagernes and Hemsedal.

The are numerous lakes and mountain nearby and the the historical hiking route Stølsruta runs past the hotel.

There are a number of mountains higher than 1700 meters so there is huge scope for cross country skiing, cycling, boat trips and fishing. 

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Nosen double room
Nosen double room

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